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The DA readings give you a good indication of the shifts. Just note the reading when you are on the site in range and use that as your base reading for the day. You can also go back in the memory of the meter to verify the conditions when you noticed a shift on the range.

Problem is that if I have read the new WFTF rules correctly, you won't be able to use the meter on range as of after worlds in Norway. Not even the temperature function.

1.4 Rifle accessories allowed.
 A single rifle sling - no additional straps are allowed;
 Butt hook;
 Spirit level;
 Sunshade on scope;
 Scope enhancer (rubber);
 Thermometer;
 Wind indicator (non-electronic);
 Inclinometer.

No additional equipment, electronic or other, may be used to assist the shooter in evaluating the wind or other weather conditions.

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