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Default Open letter to pete sparkes

Dear Sir i have only shot in three rounds ever in the UKAHFT Series.The last one has left me feeling saddened and hurt.Being an Oap and thought i had found a new lease on life by joining the HFT shooting ..knowing full well that i will never be as good as the new heroes ive come to feel i know and admire.Untill i met Chris Coombes at Emley He was shooting in the next lane with Dave Benyon [and another nice young Bloke] As soon as i saw him i was in awe of this well known Shooter.His Pellet Pouch was emblazoned in white letters" CHRIS COOMBE" Im not sure weather it was to impress or serve as a reminder incase ayone asked him his name.They started 0n 21 [WAYNE MARRIOT and myself ] on22 After we had shot our first targets my fallen idol Coombes shot target 22 and turned to Dave Beyon and said "SOME FECKING IDIOT HAS SHOT WAY HIGH ON THIS CLOSE ONE" Being the fecking idiot who had shot high on target 22 I turned to my former Hero and informed him who had shot high.If thats the way to wellcome new Shooters into the Sport.Im not sure its working.This Pillock COOMBES to speak to a poor old man with a history of heart disease and break my heart again.Should be ashamed with his behavior..Pete i hope you will take the appropriate steps in sensuring the Wiltshire Lad.I mean how the hell did not realise that it must have been Wayne or myself that had shot the rotten target.He has obviously got by purley on shooting alone as for brains or good looks i dont think he was at the back of the line i dont think he was even in the room.Hope to see you all at the next shoot [well nearly all].Alan...
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