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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Still need to do some reading, but suffice to say I was seeing +1000ft of DA at GP3 and had to take about 10x1/8th clicks off at GP3 at 55, but at the zenith at 30yds there was little perceptable change, suggesting the pellets were flying flatter... seemed a common trend amongst many on the plinking range.

Very similar to the effect seen in SA when travelling from the UK.

GP chrono read 10fps faster than the last GP, not sure if the same one was used.

I might have to start listing my drop for record and have a look at it when I see the next shift and see what the DA is. Thing is, with rezeros and fiddling my numbers will have changed, but in theory, the MOA drop from 30 to 55 should bear some correlation to DA, and if you can know it before getting on a course/range it might allow you to make better judgements about any other variation yoh may be seeing.

Know a shooter was also using his 47yd settings for 55 yesterday... which is what that equates to on my rig. Wonder if he was using old winter settings as well?

Hi Rob now i know you were very kindly trying to explain this thing to me Sunday, but your words had more than 4 letters so i was a bit lost.

Is the basics of what your saying this.

Warm day / warm air, pellets fly flatter further out but not effected closer in?

If so, it matches my results Sunday as i had three go high. Gun was set up recently but probably about 15 degrees where as Sunday was 25+ . I too was high on the chrono when i tested before starting, running 791 - 793. so i turned the REV down to 785 ish.
Close ranges were not effected

But on a cooler / cold day you may expect the pellet to slow more so it may drop slightly more?

Hence the normal Summer and winter set ups?

So in effect next time we have a shoot in very warm conditions (20+ ??), i may want to take a couplke of clicks off past 40m
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