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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Personally I would like to propose that in Gp, the "must have 2 15 ml kills" rule is replaced with " a course may have 0 - 4 x 15 ml kills" etc.
I may just be doing that come November?

Whilst not doing all the GP this year (doing GP4 and hope for GP6, 8 and 9) I do like this idea combined with the 3-8 25mm kills. Not all grounds have the space to have a course with all long full size kills and the ability of a club holding a shooting being able to use these makes sense.

For example having a 'short' lane with 1 or 2 reducers would allow the lanes before and after to have a slightly different angle with some targets without having crossing strings. Without reducers I can see courses being laid out with a raft of long targets which would then become more luck to getting the wind.

Planning courses wether GP, Winter league or just a club one does take time. For me a Winter league course takes about 4 months of planning and getting club members thoughts as well. I work out on the following steps.
1, Use a rope for a possible firing line.
2, Walk along the rope looking for interesting target placement
3, Put full size target on each of the proposed locations on the lane.
4, Lie, sit, kneel and stand to locate anything that may block the target.
5, Mark location and visually guess range for initial course lengths
6, Decide on possible locations for Stand and Kneeling lanes
7, Check those that are suspected to near maximum for required lanes, ie stand and kneelers.
8, decide on the average. I go for a Winter league of about 40yds average and I think GPs might be around 45yds average.

For our Winter League courses I get those that will be entering it from the club to do 2 or 3 lanes themselves. Sometimes they come up with some interesting targets.

Over the last few years we have had targets placed inside a steel barrel which have then been hoisted into a tree. Steel barrels cut in half and a target place on the bottom for one lane and then the top of a different lane. Targets on barrels are something our club uses a lot as the ground has plenty of dips where targets 'disappear' unless mounted up high.

Wendover a few years ago had a lollypop target on top of a scaffold pole with only about 15mm of faceplate round the full size kill it made you think a little bit more.
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