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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Dont fall out now boys, i spoke to mark brewitt after todays gp, i asked how many reducers he had missed, 5 or 6, ( a spring gun shooter) now thats nearly half of the targets he missed on the whole course, im not saying ditch them , but as a fellow spring gunner i would not want to shoot a springer in a gp any more, way to many reducers to destroy your score, on a different note, i dont think targets should be any closer than 15 yards, on purely a safety aspect, pointless and dangerous due to pellets coming back off the target, happend to me last week at my club "i value my eyes more than knocking a tin chicken down at 8 yards"
told you before about running it at 18 ft lbs. One day they will catch you squeezing those pellets lol

As it happens loads seemed high on todays chrono readings. I started the day at 793 so turned it down again before the am session, having turned it down after gp 2![/QUOTE]

I was using a spring gun running at 770 fps when i had the pellet fly back off a close target, as for today i went through chrono at 788fps and no sqeeze, i let the marshall check my pellet, did u mr sqeeze
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