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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Nearly forgot.

Having had what i considered to be a **** shoot, really thaught 2 was the score that should have been achieved Am, there was a highlight.

There I am just Double dinking lane 25 when who has appered behing me, but Godfrey (Dad army)

So he follows us round the course scissors and tape measure in hand ready to measure me up for the coffin suit as we find our last standing lane.

Nailed the 10 yarder but who wouldnt (hancox lol) and knowing he was on his Perch watching jst had to nail the long 40m stander. Took ages but got it..
6 down.

Watched a few lanes when Godfrey was shooting pm, usuall speel of excuses coming out as early targets forgot to fall. i think sometimes he is bette rthan me at Ev2 missing excuses.

Anyway he did his usuall pull it together routine but that same long stander did him, while i forgot to watch, bugger

Still, 6 each which means honours even today and we were both CRAP lol

Onto MAD and i dont want one sleeve 3 inches shorter than the other.

Thanks for doing this though it is appreciated.

(He is taking up the sleeves on my Tent!)
IL re cut your gimp coat and turn it into a tank top as for my score of 44, four targets beat me fair and square, and two were donkey shots
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