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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Seems a bit bitter and twisted to me ? Your one for always calling for one short one and one long one in a course. Now you saying lets have all long ones?
However no 15 ml as you cant hit them Get an Ev2 and 15 ml will be no problem

From above
"devious in that you shot two ways on each lane and had to deal with wind in different directions on the same lane .EXCELLENT"

Surley that contradicts what you have just said?[/QUOTE]

Dont fall out now boys, i spoke to mark brewitt after todays gp, i asked how many reducers he had missed, 5 or 6, ( a spring gun shooter) now thats nearly half of the targets he missed on the whole course, im not saying ditch them , but as a fellow spring gunner i would not want to shoot a springer in a gp any more, way to many reducers to destroy your score, on a different note, i dont think targets should be any closer than 15 yards, on purely a safety aspect, pointless and dangerous due to pellets coming back off the target, happend to me last week at my club "i value my eyes more than knocking a tin chicken down at 8 yards"
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