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Not a great start to the weekend.

Down Tondu Sat morning before driving to Tawd, the REV cooked in 28 degrees while i was talking to new members.
Then a huge cloud of fine dust blew up and covered everything. I only did a few shots before deciding to head North in hope there was less dust!

Less Dust there was but it was still hot.

Robbie Black was nailing the Zero range but I was struglling.
The gun was grinding as i was cocking and I was not sure if any dust had got into the "workings". There had been a ring of dust around the loadiing port and i was thinking some dust had found its way in as i was going high / low by an inch at 50m and then found windage out 4 clicks (1/4) ay 10 yards!

In the end put REV away and went to the hotel.
Did my best to clean and decided to swap back to dai 36. i was going to use gillys 50.

Got on the Zero 6.30 am sunday. Nice and still, cool with a nice light. Perfect. Took two clicks back off windage at 10 yards and checked all ranges, all seemed fine.

Top partners today in chris Large and robbie Black.

We started on lane 7, a 55 yard ish and 15 ml at 12 y ish. Hit both, came out about 1/4 inch on long one.
Next lane was a shorter 40 ish one and 55 again. Gave the same wind as the lane was crossing so less side on to the wind but it blew me across kill. This was actually the most wind i had all day!

Did not come out of kill then thinking about it. everything was edge of kill one side or another.

Missed T 27, 35 m stander that i pulled to 4 edge, Bad shot, feet were pointing wrong way but i did not correct stance.
Missed T38, gave it 50m but my foot was on a root and not comfy, I pulled it high hitting 11 oclock while trying to go minside edge 9. Pellet went stright! Bad Shot
Double dinked lane 25, the lane swun 90 degrees to the line we had been following (all inside ddge)
By now i was switched off somewhat, being hot and bothered and faily boared of aiming in the kill .
Could have used RS this morning lol
49 i forgot about wind and just aimed down the middle to see it hit 9! Very poor
T50 i seemed to over range, think i gave it 47 m but it hit high. Did not take my time and multi range find, just did it once and did not give it respect really.

T 4 i seemed to over range again. Gave inside 9 and if height had been right would have taken it as pellet was stright. Not sure why i mis ranged today, think it was combination of heat / tiered and lack of stimulation.

Course however on the whole was very good. some nice short ones in the mix and some very nice lanes, but just needed a good dollop of wind for me. Suppose its what comes from shooting windy tondu.
Despite dropping to 19 stone i did struggle with some of the shooting positions again today where the target was angled up and the floor was slopping back slightly, only a couple of lanes but enogh to make me think i must level off all 25 lanes for tondu!

Dai 36 and REV were superb and I dont think the Leup was at fault really, think it was me.

Did not stop me thinking about a pm2 or March though lol!

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