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In the current economic climate this a big blow, myself, i am out of pocket to the tune of 60, rooms for myself and my son, and i'm guessing that another 100 odd shooters will be in the same situation.

Reading between the lines, what i find odd, is that a PM was sent saying cancelled, rather than a phone call saying we have a problem, can we discuss it, and see if there is a way around it.

If after discussion, the conclusion, that for safety/practicality etc, it was agreed that another venue would be better, then fair enough, but this SHOULD have been announced, as something that was MUTUALLY agreed by UKAHFT and REDFERNS, at the end of the day S++T happens, that is out of our control, and most people would accept this.

The way this cancellation appears to have been done, without discussion, will just get everyone's back up, and leave a lot of doubts in minds, as to whether Redferns wanted to host this event or not in the first place.

Just my humble, and now skint, thoughts.

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