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Light (< 400 g)
25mm tube to allow low mounts to be used, or come with own 30mm mounts with A dimension <15mm
25-32mm objective to allow greater depth of field than a 40mm+ objective scope - we don't shoot hft in the dark
This should also reduce susceptibility to parallax error
Side adjustable parallax that goes down to 10 yards
Mag range from 6-12 or fixed at 10 x
low profile turrets that either lock or have caps so cannot get knocked on posts
Option of mildot reticle with lighter reticle bars a' la Nightforce
mildots above and below crosshairs; more than 4 each side would be nice for bracketing
mildots to be true at 10x
Well sealed against the weather and temperature extremes
Good quality glass with good multicoating, at least as good as Bushnell Elite/Lightstream. Higher quality nice but not essential for hft
Available in the UK without a huge price premium over USA prices

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