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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
The gp at Anston two years ago, was the last time i shot a proper gp course, very long and relentless.
but a lot of 40mm kills, gp courses now seem to be about reducers reducers reducers, and trying to trick people into going a turn out, or make people miss because there scope doesnt range down to eight yards
(get a close adapter) more expence!, also loads of reducers are not very spring gun friendly, very tricky with a twanger not to mention tedious, just my humble opinion
Thank you Mr ellis . i was beginning to wonder if it was just me that thought that Anston was the Last really good proper old fashion FT course ? hard , long and devious in that you shot two ways on each lane and had to deal with wind in different directions on the same lane .EXCELLENT .as for 15 mils targets , i am sick of checking my rifle at 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 1nd 15 yards to make sure i hit a few . sod it i did not buy the finest rifle in the land ( GC2 ) to hit 9 yard targets . bin em and lets get back to 25 mil targets up a tree in the wind . challenging long live ANSTON ??? HOLLY
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