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We from the Island thought it was going to be bad when the car decided not to start when getting on the ferry.

However after a jump start from one of the staff in Southampton and a consistant drive to Bisley we felt happier. I decided o book in and walk the firing line in a T-Shirt, much to the disgust f quite a few there wrapped up in numerous jackets. Personally I do not really feel the cold unless its really bad, have walked down a Montreal street in March with 3ft of snow with my jacket off as too hot.

As a team we are consistantly last as a team but who really cares. With a team of 4 this Sunday we hoped to have a reasonable result. I finished on a 32 (miss 3 silly targets a 15yd full kill and the closest on each positional) with the rest of the team all on 15 . With Melv and grandson Cameron going having a little tussle between themselves with first one then the other getting ahead. Not bad for Cameron as its the fist time he has done a FT shoot for 5 years.

I think most of us found the wind to be very changable even on the same lane.

Roll on next week when we will start to see who might be in the running for the Inter Region team with only 1 round left after it.
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