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Originally Posted by Steve Hebby View Post

The Redfearn FTC committee made the decision that the remaining woodland would not be suitable. You as a Redfearn member elected that committee. I would prefer, that you direct your comments to the Redfearn FTC committee and not place your comments on an open forum. Your comment on an open forum could be seen as conduct which is deemed by the Committee to be unseemly, objectionable or calculated to bring the Club into disrepute.
I will not be responding to any more posts on this forum with regard to this matter.
Steve I think Redfearn's have managed this pretty well on there own, the comments I've read on here are certainly a lot more subdued than the comments that have been expressed by the shooters I've spoken to. Redfearns have not only ****** off UKAHFT they've managed to cheese off a fair few shooters as well.
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