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Default old style courses were better !!!

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
with you on that one dean. bad course design if a string from one lane obscures the shot from another in my book.
I shot with Chris Large at Anston two years ago (?) and he hit the string in a lane with crossing strings, super shot. i tried it and missed, but at least the target fell over!

Wont be happening at tondu
The gp at Anston two years ago, was the last time i shot a proper gp course, very long and relentless.
but a lot of 40mm kills, gp courses now seem to be about reducers reducers reducers, and trying to trick people into going a turn out, or make people miss because there scope doesnt range down to eight yards
(get a close adapter) more expence!, also loads of reducers are not very spring gun friendly, very tricky with a twanger not to mention tedious, just my humble opinion
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