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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Course design is all down to wind really and some thaught of how to mix a course up? Personally i think its nice to have angles between lanes where you can, but i dont like having to swing round "in a lane" for the two targets.
Standing lanes will have nice flat footing as they should, standing is hard enough as it is without being off balance.
Final Gp target disatances will be set / moved on the Saturday prior to the Tondu gp, depending on forcast? One thing for sure, if the wnd is average for tondu, we will have 30 - 40 m targets that will take you out of kill and 40 -50 that will be off plate?
if the wind is up there will be less 25 ml kills, if its light there will be more?
I am thinking our 15 ml kills will be in the "Italian Lane"!

Propper wind I hope will be the order of the day ala two years ago lol
If there are angle changes between lanes, please don't have strings from one lane crossing another unless sensibly held down.

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