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Originally Posted by HotShot View Post
I don't like courses that swap angles a lot from lane to lane. I prefer short runs of a few lanes before the angle changes. This allows a good shooter to locate the wind and work with it.

Too many changes in direction can lead to poke and hope shooting.
The course I set out las year for our Winter league if looked at it from above was similar to a flattened ?

4 lanes on one side (starting with Standers (22 and 38yd), then another 5 lanes on the top with a kneeler lane (43 and 28yds) amongst them but the targets above the shooter as this is a banked area. Some targets also outside the copse area so wind can blow both ways at times.

The next 7 lanes are now 180 deg from the first lanes again with kneeling lane(18 and 40yds) in there. These have all been within 'our' copse. The bottom dot bit is in the field which is higher than all the previous lanes and the wind does and can play havoc here. The last standing lane (15 and 25yd) was here.

The first and thrid arts of the course pick up the wind as they are slightly open sided. The string we use for competitions is also slightly thicker than the standard so does not move as much in very light winds. Use of bushes and bracken used to 'tunnel' the eyes and create doubt as to distance.

In our case the yellow paint we used was very fluorescent and made some targets look a lot closer than they were but at least you could find them in the darker areas.
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