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Originally Posted by Steve Hebby View Post
It is obvious from your post that you have spoken with your UKAHFT colleague who has his own personel opinions.
As a club we can not apologise enough. We have only just been made aware by our Landlord last week of a major tree felling operation that will take place in over half of the woodland over the next 3 months. The decision to cancel this event was not taken lightly. In our view, to put 2 courses in the remainder of the wood not effected by the tree felling operation would be a definate struggle and would not do the event justice.
We do sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
Sorry Steve but Pete only spoke to me this morning about your PM to us both.

Try not to make it personal, this is a decision that affects a lot of people who have pre booked accommodation that cannot be refunded. This is not about any of my personal opinions, how could it be as it was me who originally asked Pete is I could approach Redfearns to host the Gathering

To be quite honest Steve the remaining woodland is bigger than the area used for the last two Gatherings & a slightly compressed Redfearn Gathering would be better than no Gathering at all or a Gathering where people can't afford more accommodation.
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