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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Uve had plenty of practice this week i see, it must be great to not have to work and do what u want all week. i on the other hand cant be arsed to practice saturday, to hot, il just turn up sunday and see how i go, might use the old gun sunday, see how the mk3 nikko holds up in the heat....
Your right Mark, it is great. best thing I ever did was stop working as Stock Controller in tesco and become a Freelance Photographer.
Nothing beats working for yourself, apart from when it comes to paid holidays and sick pay lol

Indeed i have practised this week, or at least attempted to.

Not shot that well but I think thats just lack of motivation, coud have done with someone like you to push me and make me think about the shots. Or off the cliff edge lol

Just got to make sure I have moved the Switch to Comp mode come sunday!

Originally Posted by berty177 View Post
Well fella, the course sounds a bit easy if you should have cleared it already. Might be worth the course being visited by the nelson posse to put a bit of difficulty to it??

Thanks for your praise!

No mark, in all honesty the course is too long as it is for Wafta C -A standards?
Though i notice on results sheet not all AA shooters moved from A - AA at blaina?

Its just that wind was light as i said, half a kill (inside edge nothing shots) to up to 1+ half kills outside edge of kill. There were some good shots there but blow my own trumpet i am shooting better this year and Ii nailed them!
If the wind is up as it can be at Oaktree, then it currently will be too hard for Wafta shoot and there will be silly low scores as there were Sunday.
It needs a few less 40+m shots (19 at present ) and a couple more in the 30+ m fior wafta, thinking of C and B grade.

The general course layout is a simular design as last one, thats something i did not want but it has not hppened on attempt one. Dial into the wind and you can be away if its constant
Whats needed is more Angles between lanes to make it better, i think really instead of 20 lanes in the woods we need 15. They could be made to be 15 great lanes, lots of angles and come the comps the other 5 i would put out in the fieeld where the Zero goes.
That would make it a super course and potential Wafta Gp venue?

However, its done for the Fun / test shoot on the 3rd and a few small changes can be done prior to Wafta shoot on 17th if the wind dictates a couple of dayes before. see what ideas you boys have on the 3rd

One thing for sure, in the Summer it is a stunning setting. I did not realise there were so many Bluebells up there

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Who in their right mind would sit on a fallen branch to take a shot
Me think's MR Evan's should be made to shoot the tondu GP with a spud gun
give some one a chance that has not shot the coarse 50 time's.
As for a virgin coarse,i don't think there's many virgin's in wales ,full stop
it was hot and the midges were out by then Simon, I just wanted to finish so did not bother moving.
I was on the bag but it slipped off as i shot, only an inch or so but enough to send me out of kill lol

As for Tondu, well i usually shoot worse there than anywhere else come a comp as i am always worried about if the course is shooting as i planned it too?
Come the Gp, most of the targets will be in Virgin places / lanes. Not that it matters though if you have shot a course like 'tondu once or a hundread times. The great thing about our course is the 360 degrees firing lines sweep and the fact we very nearly alwways have propper wind.
As we saw at gp 1 (to an extent) and gp2, propper wind destroys alot of scores.

I did ok though and funny enough i had not had much practise on either course , come to think of it they were both almost Virgins to me?
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