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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
shot the New course today after finishing putting out the last few targets.

more of a target testing session than practise but both ended well.

first 4o finished 36 ex 40. Not switched on for target 1 and just aimed down the middle when half a kill needed.Split one other in the wind and had one go straight with one just clearing a kill. Not much wind, about half a kill to 1&half kills from about 40 -55 yards. Hit all the standers including the long one!

Second lap shot with Morf. less wind, practicaally none and shot worse lol.

Dropped 4 again. Missed 15 ml through poor trigger technique, missed a along one as i was telling Morf to take 2.5 yards off his long shots as he was going high, then decided i would try the same lol Struck 6. dialled in 55yards and hit it lol, double dinked the lane though!
Missed the long stander (using old coat with only 2 buttons) but it was uneaven footing that was the problem. Got the Grubber out and leveled the shooting area so feels better under foot now.
Woobled on my Tree shot as i was sat on a fallen branch moved the branch and hit it.

Really just bad shooting / lack of concentration that caused the missed 2nd time round, should have cleared it easily lol

Gun spot on though despite 25 degrees and rangefinding spot on. Barrel due a clean now before sundays GP.
Uve had plenty of practice this week i see, it must be great to not have to work and do what u want all week. i on the other hand cant be arsed to practice saturday, to hot, il just turn up sunday and see how i go, might use the old gun sunday, see how the mk3 nikko holds up in the heat....
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