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Default Steyr parts

Some already are aware but i thought i would post after hearing of the problems some have had sourcing steyr spare parts in the UK. also the bonkers prices i've seen for Steyr parts sold on other forums

I have residency in the Netherlands and have access to Steyr parts parts through the Dutch supplier.I order, pay through my Dutch bank account and the parts are sent to my dutch address, i then can bring them back to the UK at the weekends.

If anyone needs anything (or advice) then please drop me a message and i'll help if i can. I'm not in this to make money and am only interested in covering transit/Dutch VAT costs.

For example, a new cocking lever handle and roller bearing are 50 quid. I also have a steyr reg checker and the part numbers for the reg internals so reg servicing isn't a problem. I can also set the reg pressure to what you'd like (85 bar normally but i have been told that some of the FT lads prefer 90)
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