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I voted yes, although a while back I conducted a test indoors.

Indoors,I has a flat floor in windless conditions; I tried both alternative positions against the standard positions.

It was the first time I tried them and I found them very alien and therefore difficult to establish the same comfort (and muscle memory/body position). I actually achieved slightly better results using the normal positions.

However, after reading this thread and after a couple of days testing the alternative positions outside and in windy conditions, I found them to have beneficial results.
I don't like the alternative kneeler and I focused solely on the alternative stander, once I built up some muscle memory and a body position which was repeatable, I began to see excellent results.

The reason is/was with practice and mainly due to the outdoor nature of the sport, I found the key ingredient to the advantage of the alternative stander to be; it provided a much lower, wider and significantly stable base. Being lower and more compact, the wind effected my position far less and the gun was not buffeted by the wind as it would in upright standers. Even in a slight wind I got better results.
Also due to the uneven footing and variey of different vegetation (hard/soft/rocky/wet/muddy/slippy) the sitting alternative proved more stable than just two feet being in contact with the ground.

I still get better results using my proper kneeling position than the alternative but I would suggest that I have achieved what is a good position over years of practice. Perhaps a beginner (or someone with a bad kneeling technique) would achieve an advantage using the alternative position. Iin a strong wind the alternative kneeler would offer a slightly more stable platform.

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