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Default Lookng to come back to shooting.

Hi All,
New to the forum, but not new to air rifle shooting, used to do FT.

Had a lay off for a few years now ( did a lot of scuba) but hankering to start shooting again.

Been looking around for a gun, but would like genuine opinions of a few that are on my short list.

In no particular order....

Hammerli AR20 Ft, AA MPR FT, HW101 yes the 101 rarer than hen's teeth apparently.

I'll probably go the HFT route first with a bit of vermin control thrown in.

I'd prefer single shot, rather than magazine fed and regulated if possible, appreciate that the 400's not.

Anyway, all comments appreciated on any of the above OR anything that you guys may think suitable.

Hope you don't mind if I ask what may appear to be daft questions in the near future.

Thanks for your time.


Edit:- spelling error.
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