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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
got two tins here sitting in front of me,

10000010 the other is 1000010, both die 10 then???
Yeh some of the batches in the last 12months or so seem to have another ZERO in the middle, I'd call one of yours Die10 & one Die100 but I expect they could be 1 & 10. Back in 2006 I used Die30 which were 3005606.

I've seen at least three explanations of the numbers all of which came from JSB themselves so I'm not really sure what they are doing or if they know themselves

The best one is when they slowly change the batch number as the die wears or gets damaged, I have some S1, S7 & S9 Die30's left from 2006 & you can see the head getting slightly bigger as they've polished the die out due to wear or damage. The worst one is when they have to change the back end of the die & you end up with a totally different pellet with a different batch number but the same exact Die number
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