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Originally Posted by shinything View Post
Seems you can't rush perfection with mr O nor would I want him to my rifle will come back much better then it was when it was sent to him :-)
That would be why you not up the club on Sunday. Perfection from Mr O is very good, not had to touch my AR5s since he sorted it, passes the BFTA Chrono within 5fps of what he set it to (770fps). Its just me that is making the mistakes.

Leaves you a couple of weekends to get some practise in before GP4 at MAD (which you are booked in for). I did bring a sleeve of 4.52's up for you to try Sunday. Quite a good day as well only 6 of us up there and I managed to get a few things sorted.

If its back by this weekend see you there maybe?
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