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Default Because I'm Awesome AWESIME

I am actually starting to believe this rubbish I have tapped over the last couple of years!

Love Wymouth so S.dorset will always be on my "must travel down" to shoot Swefta summer shoot list!

No 1 son and Gran went shoping while i whizzed round S.Dorset. He only managed to spend 25 too which was a bonus!

Partnered up with Barry Smith, once he had squeezed his way past the Chrono lol.

saying that, I was 788 on Bfta chrono last week.
Tondu's New Prochrono showed about + 4 fps over the Bfta one so turned REV down to 782 which in theory should be 778 ish on Bfta during, the week.

However, REV went through at 792 on Swefta Skan.
I Personally i dont think the Swefta skan chrono was working too well as my Njr went through at 770 or something low, when its set for 835 fps on prochrono!

Target 1, think it was 45, either yards or meters? Now its a long time since I have seen my windicator horizontal, but thats what the wind speed was like at S.Dorset blasting from R - L. Think I rushed the shot as I was timing myself (2 mins) on all lanes and did not really think about the shot! I just about made the Left side of plate lol

hit 2- 5 then took kneelers 5(20 yards) inside edge for wind! & 6 (40 yards?) inch out of kill lol

So, all good on windy Kneelers. Then double dinked 7& 8 by not giving enough wind, followed by missing 9 by over cooking it, 4 inches just a touch too much as i split 3 oclock !
3 misses in a row!

But this is the serious bit, this year I can now dig in and recover it seems.
I put in a string of hits and split the 38 yard standers by hitting 3 edge, close but by now my fingers were wind chilled and in truth it was another rushed shot in some respects, bit of a bad one really.

Still, Gilly's dai 50 worked a treat in the REVand I am liley to switch to them for gp use as I honestly thaught i was giving less wind that i should have on some targets.

top day at s.Dorset and another badge to boot!
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