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Originally Posted by simone View Post

Are you saying that this comes down to who looks more disabled? as I said earlier, watch Ian getting out of his car, getting his kit out etc - how to compare unless your a medical expert? It may be the CM's choice, but I know that Ian has shown paperwork around his disability to several people, sefta, bfta etc

The question of Beryl may specifically may not have arisen on here, but the other thread is entitled around 'do you gain an advanatage by using the disabled position' surely that applies to everyone who
has used it? which does include Beryl and others.

It's a tough one, and something that I hope the BFTA will somehow resolve. I disagree though that there hasnt been bullying towards Ian in this thread, I havent seen anything from a moderator and I dont actually know how the moderating works on stb.

Indeed the poll vote is a simple one does the alternative discipline positions give an advantage the general consensus is yes thats an open vote. So obvioulsy anyone who chooses to use them could be said to be gaining an advantage in the eyes of there peers and more importantly the cheif marshal. Theres more names than just beryil you could mention however going back and once again to the problem of the rules state anyone can ask and the cheif marshal decides. These rules are the ones we dicide to shoot by and they leave thus the problem resides. Whats clear is that for everyone including ian the rules need clarification by change... The options need to be placed on the table discussed and then voted on. But again if you go back into this thread and read what has been discussed the votes should idealy be casted by those it matters to IE BFTA members..
However hough the majority vote is determined by representatives what should be allowed in as its what the majority want...Thats the constitution of the BFTA.
As regards beryil as you seem to know her and think you disagree with what she is doin and its bugging you perhaps you should speak to her directly about it?
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