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Originally Posted by simone View Post
The BFTA might be the problem, but this whole thread has been about Ian. As I said, no-one had an issue that led to a 100+ post thread about Beryl winning trophies.
Your are entitled to your opinion however i must point out that if you where to read from the begining of this thread you would pick up on a few things like there were very few people who knew who the chap in the video was? As previously discussed on the thread the basis of the discusion was how can someone have a dispensation when they can stand up like they do on the video? The question of beryl was never arisen as im not 100% sure but i dont think she can shoot off the floor like a fully compressed bus shock absorber spring i may be wrong? Once again according to the rules anyone can ask for a dispensation however it is the cheif marshals descision to grant it Ians choice is ians choice he still has the option to ask a cheif marshal for them what he chooses to do is upto him to decide.. I must say what he is offering for the good of the sport is admirable and he has my full respect amongst other people there is no bullying here in my opinion it is an open forum which is moderated.
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