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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
well what about a disabled class??? (i understand that you are fiercly competitive and that you love doing it, its quite obvious otherwise as you say you wouldnt drive 300 miles to a shoot). you gotta take a bit and give a bit same as everyone else. if there was a disabled class you would be competing against people exactly the same way as you, the perfect "level playing field"
I think you've misunderstood me, or I've badly worded it . I personally would rather shoot in AA even if I bomb the disciplines, as I want any outside chance at the trophy! If I can be accommodated in AA with an acceptable allowance for my situation that would be great, BUT everyone would need to be in agreement that it's absolutely fair.
If not, and that's where we are now, then I'll still take my chances in the main class in preference to a seated class , but that is MY personal take.

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