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Originally Posted by thesmokindog View Post
Hiya Simon

As the Cyril Julian trophy was gifted to the club by his family this shoot has always been a closed shoot for members only. This year our competition secretary, the handsome Mr Brewitt decided to open the shoot and a decision was made that the trophy should still stay with a Castle member. Thanks all for attending and I'm glad you all had a good shoot.

Simon you're only jealous of the fact you are not as laid back and well spoken as Mr Daniels, you don't have the physical stature of Mr Gillott, you don't have the skill of Mr Fisher and if you grew a beard like mine I'm sure you would be a hit with those welsh ladies

See you soon
IM sure simon is a big hit with the ladies, trouble is theve generally all got four legs
Baaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaa wot do u think he does at tondu all day..!!! it aint shooting
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