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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Field Target shooting in all its evolutions is a sport I enjoy and wish to continue pursuing. It is not my intention or desire to either be, or appear to be involved in any way in its demise.

It is and should remain a sport that requires substantial skill and judgement and it is vital that at the elite level all competitors not only are, but perhaps more importantly feel they are, competing on a 'level playing field'.

Whether an advantage is gained or perceived to be gained by the whole issue of 'alternative positions' the clear fact is the vast majority of competitors have no confidence in its implementation, particularly in the arena of AA shooting where a single shot can be the difference between a win and a long drop down the leader board.

Until such time as the recognised governing body can resolve this obstructive issue I personally will not be seeking any dispensation in either FT or Silhouette. It is my hope that in the short term this will allow the GP season to progress without further damaging internal dispute.
This is a personal decision and in no way reflects on any other shooters', current or future, right under current rules to approach the CM.

In the longer term I believe this issue clearly needs to be resolved in a full and final manner to prevent a recurrence of this complaint.

If anyone is genuinely interested in what I will now do on the discipline lanes, the answer tonight is I don't actually know; I'm going to push on and see how it goes the real challenge now is to nail the other 40 buggers and hope you're all too drunk from the travellodge to shoot standing up!

Yours in shooting
Ian Challis
BFTA 70003
I can appreciate how difficult this decision may have been today.
In my opinion you have done an honourable thing and one that your peers can only applaude.
I personally thank you for coming to this decision and hope that you do better than me in the disciplines.
I'm sure that you will have re gained the respect of your shooting buddies.
The situation MUST be resolved and will be.
Your action will hopefully stop a breakaway and allow us all to concentrate on what we all love to do rather than all this back biting due to the inadequacies of our body

Barry McDonald
SEFTA Secretary
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