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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Starting to sound like you don't want disabled shooters....

Things would be so much easier if they didn't want to take part.

Physical in the sense of body contact, if that was too hard to deduce.

OK just wait until there is a legal challenge.
Don't dare presume to put words into my mouth

I want everyone who is able to take part and chooses to do so to be able to do so. I hope to see that done in a realistic way. For example, if you can't shoot in positions specified within a particular class, then you shoot in a class in which you can use the specified positions, or in fact where you are free to use any position that you can. This offers TOTAL inclusion as far as is possible, and a great deal more than most sports would do to include as many people as possible. It means that people shooting within specific classes shoot that class on a level playing field. No need for extra targets, extra lanes, dispensation from CM's etc etc etc.
It is too easy these days for somebody to threaten legal action and expect everyone to just run away because they might be seen in some way to discriminate. The above is not discriminating in any way and allows as many as possible to shoot. The removal of positionals from a specific class may even encourage more to have a go.
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