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Originally Posted by rich View Post
With due respect, shooting is not a physical sport with body contact like soccer, rugby and so on. If anything, it's one of the very few sports where the disabled can actually participate on almost level grounds. Thus, it's that kind of sport that will be expected to go the extra mile. Nobody expects a paraplegic with an arthritic spine to bid for a place in a rowing team, if you get my drift.

And from what I've overheard today, it's the standers that make the sport. It's the standers that sorts the men from the boys, etc. "Take away the standers and you have destroyed the essence of the sport."
Not a physical sport? FT shoots are held over a wide variety of terrain with at times tricky footing etc in woodland, fields and such like. You need a certain degree of physical ability to get around, and also be able to lug a good few pounds of wood and metal around.
You also need to be able to shoot from specified physical positions, at times not easy or comfortable.

It is physical, just in a different way to some.

As for certain sports being expected to "go the extra mile" when others are not- cobblers!!!

Looking from a legal footing, no sport would be expected to "go the extra mile" when others are not. The same expectations would be applied to all. You can't have it both ways.

Sporting rules are just that, the rules for a specific sport. People know what they are from the outset, and choose to compete or not, knowing full well what they are and are not physically able to do. You can't decide that you want to take part in a sport, but expect them to change the rules to suit you because you can't compete within the rules. I would love to see where that took sporting events if applied to football, golf, cricket, darts, F1, boxing etc etc etc etc
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