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Hi Ian, do you also get permission from the CM to barge in front of people to shoot the Silhouettes (North Oxen GP). There were 4 other shooters in the queue when you did this, me and Will had been waiting for over 20mins. If you have been shooting for as long as you say you have, then you should have some respect for other shooters and wait your turn. I have just come back to FT after a 3 and a half year break and some ignorant person queue jumps. Personally it bothers me not if you win the GP series. And...I think I speak for a lot of other AA grade shooters....that if you do win anything it will be a hollow victory. Why not show what you are made of and shoot the disciplines like the rest of us, you would earn more respect if you did.

Neil Thorneycroft
AA grade
Far Coley
Hi Neil, Yes I did ask permission of the course marshall, always have done. If I pushed ahead of anyone at the sillys I can only apologise. I myself waited about 20 mins behind the alternating pairs, and was invited into a gap, I did ask if anyone else was waiting, but didn't get any reply. If I didn't hear you then again I can only apologise.
With regard to your last point please read next post, thanks

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