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Seems as though FT has tried 110% to embrace alternative shooting positions.
The alternative shooters are happy it seems with the result and scores being achieved.
We now have a large number of disgruntled FT shooters at a disadvantage.
The playing field needs to be levelled otherwise kneeling/standing will be dropped in favour of the easier option,I propose separate classes and drop this all inclusion don't work in any other competitive sport and it ain't working here..
I certainly haven,t heard an outcry for disabled access or anybody failing to finish a course because of steep hills or unlevel for legal issues,it sounds just like Fred won't let me play so I,m gonna tell on you,tuff chucky and bloody grow up.
I,d say you should be ashamed of yourself trying to dilute FT down to a non challenging sport which will only weekin it.
If you don't want to kneel/stand then find a class which allows you.
This is all because of fear of law suits etc,I say this to any alternative shooter who would choose to go down that route,you obviously don't love shooting like I do...
Fred 41032 .....
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