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Originally Posted by rich View Post
Something to note is, the Equality Act is just that, it is an Act of Parliament, and it embraces the old Disability Discrimination Act.

The sport may be required to show that it has done all it can to ensure that the disabled can compete on even grounds with the able bodied, and with respect, the "if you can't comply with our able bodied rules then this isn't the sport for you" approach might attract a lot of support and sympathy but it equally might not be lawful.
I don't see that adopting a sitting class as well as existing classes would go against that. There are specific classes that require specific positions. ANYONE would be welcome to shoot in the class that they are able to. Still leaves FT as inclusive as practically possible.
I am curious to know how other sports that require specific positions etc continue if their rules would be illegal as you suggest??
Disability means in some cases that a person is not able to do what a more physically able person can. That is not discrimination, it is simple fact.
Am I being discriminated against by being unable to take part in a Paralympic event? I presume that the rules mean that I am not physically able to take part in events, but such rules are ok?
The door to rules such as this swings both ways!
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