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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Mr Taylor came up with this as well. I think the problem aired from one of our region who builds a lot of courses was that it added to the complexity of the target mounting, would require making sure that the targets are visible from more positions, and would require the purchase of more targets for more clubs. He quite rightly pointed out that you are talking about adding another 10 targets to a GP course, all reducers.

Aside from that though, I think it changes the sport. It's not an all sitting competition, nor are the racks. It's not what was intended, and if trying to accommodate everyone with every problem arises in this then my vote is to junk the lot. Take kneelers standing, stand for standers, and if you can't stand then walk past. At regional level you can do what your region elects to allow.
That is how i see it, that is how the sport was conceived and that is how it should continue. It might seem blinkered or selfish but it's how ten metre match shooting is operated as i have said before on this subject. If you cannot conform to the rules then you lose those targets.
Last year i was unable to sit and so the competitions i did shoot in i took kneeling and standing, i didn't ask for the rules to be changed, special targets for me to shoot etc... i just shot as best i could. If that situation arose again i would do the same, or switch sports to one i was more comfortable with, simple as.
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