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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
The 2012 main shoot rule 10 b is:
The Chief Marshal shall agree to the use of an alternative position or aid providing that no unfair advantage is gained from any special arrangements.

It doesn't state advantage, it states unfair advantage.
The rules also refer you to Appendix A. It is in Appendix A that the issue is discussed in the detail I refer where it is made clear that the positions are to enable the person to compete on reasonably equal terms with the rest of the contestants.

The 2012 Main Shoot rules are not 'more up to date' than the 2011 Appendix A.
The Main Shoot Rules were modified in 2012, hence the reissue. Appendix A was not modified so the 2011 version is still valid.
Yep, and I would suggest that the very fact that somebody is using an adapted position rather than the specified position, which everyone else has to use could be argued as being unfair to everyone else.
If somebody who uses the adapted position improves their "standers" hit rate by 50% for example by using the adapted position, when other shooters can't use the position, that could be argued as unfair advantage.

Again, I understand the intention of the rules, but I am going by what it says, not what anyone may want them to mean.
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