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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post

As a disabled person I ask the Chief Marshall for dispensation under the current rules.
A majority of people dislike those rules, that is fine, I understand steps are being taken to properly review and amend them as the Association sees fit. Until then it must be perfectly legal for any disabled shooter to ask to use the 'alternative positions'. How that can be cheating I don't know!
The Chief Marshall can always refuse, purely from personal point of view I'd prefer a heads up on that before driving 300 miles to a comp. Again I personally would submit to a registration system where any dispensation, if any can be agreed prior to the season.
You seem to interprate the rules in the same way as i do so can i ask if i cm decided not to endorse your card would you still shoot the course and then attempt the positionals at least standing ie shoot the course to the best of your abilities? The question is not that you are disabled but do you currently need the use of the positions again this is left to the descision of the cm as i interprate the rules. As the video suggests the use of yor legs is currently very good and you have obvioulsy acheived this by way you describe through putting work in... again looking at the vidoe of not just you but other shooters the upper body position is the same regardless of sat or stood and you are clearly able to stand as you have demonstrated by walking around a course and standing waiting for lanes etc.
I think you would gain very much respect for attempting the possitionals on a national shoot and leveling the playing field where shoots are won and lost on the disciplines. You would certainly turn my way of thinking from what i saw in the video.

Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
Someone has, according to those who know (?) threatened legal actions and European Courts, legal aid has been mentioned? I don't know them. I personally have enquired as to the effect of the recent Disability and Equality Act2010 on my activities as a shooter. This I believe is a similar enquiry to that presumably made by the BFTA and NSRA which are the 'legal' issues which keep fouling any vote at EGM's?
While there is an opportunity for me to compete in FT alongside everyone else, within the rules then I shall do so. If new rules are introduced I shall abide by them.
It seems there are rumours flying around about Disabled Discrimination and how the bfta could be left open to legal issues this seems to be the stalling point for the bfta moving forward with desicsions ie people been scared because someone may have been spreading such rumours that an individual will sue but as ian as a disabled shooter has just said here he will shoot within the rules as they are introduced. So perhaps the BFTA now needs to take information that can be gathred from theese threads past and present and move forward with a solution at the end of the day whatever gets voted for will not suit everyone you will never be able to do that but a majority vote is the majority.
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