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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I`m going to practise that method Ian describes as i really do struggle to lift my weight up from the ground.
Yes i will be videoing myself as I am liley to go arse over xxx. shall ask my team mate for help on that lol
The musculo skeletal biomechanics required to achieve the movement on that video primarily involve the pelvis, lumbar and sacral vertebrae with stress also being taken on the cervical vertebrae too. It impossible from that position for the back to not be under an enormous amount of stress when rising. This combined with the fact that the person is holding the rifle with one arm (because of an unstable shoulder) is going to cause further severe problems and injury.

This could be an acute episode whilst on the course.

On a side note, how does having a person competing with these obvious severe injuries affect the indemnity insurance of clubs? Just a thought.
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