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Originally Posted by Waelwulfas View Post
I wonder if I could clarify a few issues? I fail to see how on any level I can be abused by BFTA members as a cheat. I am a disabled person, fact. I could discuss at length the effects of instant deceleration on the body and its long term effects, but I suspect few of us have studied medicine. I have consulted those who have, who have given me there diagnosis'. Thanks to them I lost a career, I'd rather not have the injuries I carry. Please feel free to contact the DWP with any concerns you have, I don't apply for or receive DLA.

As a disabled person I ask the Chief Marshall for dispensation under the current rules.
A majority of people dislike those rules, that is fine, I understand steps are being taken to properly review and amend them as the Association sees fit. Until then it must be perfectly legal for any disabled shooter to ask to use the 'alternative positions'. How that can be cheating I don't know!
The Chief Marshall can always refuse, purely from personal point of view I'd prefer a heads up on that before driving 300 miles to a comp. Again I personally would submit to a registration system where any dispensation, if any can be agreed prior to the season.

I didn't have any input in the disability rules, although it's perhaps worthy of note that I first used them nationally at the 2009 Inters. I was accompanied by the then chair of the BFTA who was satisfied with their application.
Further I haven't joined a shooting club and then sought to impose my will, rather I've been a paid up member of my club for 22 years. When my injuries made shooting difficult I followed the guidance of the BFTA.

Someone has, according to those who know (?) threatened legal actions and European Courts, legal aid has been mentioned? I don't know them. I personally have enquired as to the effect of the recent Disability and Equality Act2010 on my activities as a shooter. This I believe is a similar enquiry to that presumably made by the BFTA and NSRA which are the 'legal' issues which keep fouling any vote at EGM's?
While there is an opportunity for me to compete in FT alongside everyone else, within the rules then I shall do so. If new rules are introduced I shall abide by them.

I'd like to acknowledge the extreme amount of time and work that many members and officers of the BFTA have expended trying to resolve this issue. It is clearly an issue that must be resolved, I could quit but then someone would step up to the plate in the future.

I have in the past been asked not to pursue a debate on this issue on a public forum, as such I don't propose to comment further, I will,hopefully, be attending the June 16th meeting.

Yours in shooting

Ian Challis
If you are genuinely shooting within current rules, fair enough. I am sure that you undertstand the fact that there are people who will push the limits, spirit and wording of rules just as far as it is possible to go to give themselves an advantage (which in fact then clearly goes against current ruling and wording). BFTA ruling is currently worded:

In the event of a competitor not being able to conform to the above disciplines the following shall apply:

It does not mention "disabled" at all. If you are the person in the video, who appears to be able to support the rifle perfectly well, and get up and down with such ease, I am sure that you can hardly be surprised that people may question the fact that you claim to be "unable to conform to the disciplines". I take it that you are able to walk around the course and carry your rifle unaided as well?

I don't see that it makes any difference whether you have a bit of paper labelling you as disabled or not.

One quick question, does using the adapted position give you an advantage over you shooting a "normal" stander? This is pretty much a yes/no question.

Please don't think I am having a personal dig, but I am trying to understand all of this as best I can.

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