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Originally Posted by merc350 View Post
The question of your disability is not the issue here.

Perhaps an explanation as to how you can't take a stander but can get up from a sitting position holding a 12 lbs rifle without using your hands might go some way to allaying people concerns
Yep, I have multiple musculo-skeletal injuries to the upper body, name a joint, it's knackered. My legs, in general work. Like a weightlifter I've trained myself to get up in a 'snap' movement, locking out the back and pushing up through the thighs. If I slow, allow my spine to relax, I'm out of the game as discs start a popping. Watch closely; I cross my legs, brace up and push up with support from the right arm,pushing the rifle away from me as a counterweight, same format every time, 25 times,every lane. I have to be careful not to allow myself to fall towards the supporting arm, there's nothing holding the upper arm in the shoulder socket. The longer I take the longer I'm trying to hold a heavy rifle.

It takes 240mg of codeine, with a cracking dose of ibuprofen and paracetomol to get through a shooting Sunday. I don't sleep on Sunday night because of the pain, and it takes till mid week before I feel part human again.
Someone said to me on Sunday, "the problem is there were disabled shooters before you, but they knew when to give up"..................

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