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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Think of it this way Pete. Take 4 shots at a 45 yard stander in the normal standing position, on your legs.

Now sit down and do it in an alternative position.

which one gave the advantage to you?

Thats why i vote Yes, its not disability that is a question, but the fact the position gives an advantage.
I, in the alternative position will outshoot anyone taking the shots normally.
Thus the to me the position gives an advantage and is thus against the rules.
That's not the point Simon.

If we call your standing position 100%, and you using the alternative seating position gives you a 30% improvement, then you using the alternative position is now 130%.
That's not in doubt, but that's not the point.

Someone shooting with a disability will not be at your 100%. They may only be at 50%.
So, the 30% improvement the alternative position gives only puts them at 65%. That's still well below your 'default' 100%.

The argument, which I think is valid, is how do you determine the % deficit that a particular disability puts a shooter at, and does the alternative position 'improvement' take them above the 100% benchmark.
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