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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
I understand your thoughts. My comments are not based on one individual. When things are left down to individual marshals at shoots to sort, none of them are going to want to look for an arguement about who can do what.
If you can't shoot all of the positions that a specific class requires, you should not shoot in that class (Only simple away round that is as has been mentioned, if you can't kneel, you stand. If you can't stand, you take the two 0's if you want to shoot in existing class) .
Done that way, there is no room for argument.
And that would be an option for the BFTA to vote on, if legal advice cleared them to do so. However that is rumoured (because I don't speak for the BFTA) not to be the case. If one assumes it's not legally possible, where does that leave the sport?

But then where does it leave a competitor if they are sitting in a field alone because the rest of the field deems them rightly or wrongly to be cheating. Rules are meant to make it clear who sits on the right side of them, but that isn't always possible. It's worth remembering that every sport has rules which can be loopholed, or may not appear to be fair. I don't know how many goals have or haven't crossed goal lines, but if one of the largest sports in the world can't sort their house, a little one like ours isn't going to do it all the time either. Not that i'm suggesting it should be accepted as all that can or should be done.
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