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I find it impossible to vote on this subject. The situation is not very clear. For certain some people appear to gain an advantage from the alternative positions, whereas others definitely do not gain an advantage from the alternative positions. I believe the question is too simplistic.

What needs to be cleared up at this moment is what is the actual disability of the competitor (in the video that has caused this ruckus) & why he needs to use the alternative positions, before he is labeled a cheat.

For myself I choose not to use the alternative positions, I could easily get a medical certificate stating my disability, as I broke my neck & back in six place two & a bit years ago. I also suffer from a disease called Fibromyalgia which affects the muscles, ligaments & tendons & the central nervous system. I am in considerable pain all through a competition whether standing, kneeling or freestyle.

I choose not to claim a disability, as for myself I wish to succeed in this sport with the same set of rules that the majority of competitors use. There would be no sense of achievement for me otherwise, hence it would be pointless to compete.

I have not voted & I am not sitting on the fence because I find the question is too simplistic.

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