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There is a meeting of BFTA and 2 NSRA delegates on Saturday 16th June.
Anyone with an interest in the subject of Disabled FT shooting is very welcome to come along to that meeting and listen to all points of argument / debate. Some disabled shooters have had an invitation to attend.

Airing our views on this or other forums is fine but it will not get us anywhere.
In my opinion, the BFTA has brought quite a bit of this on themselves but they are trying their best to remedy the situation fairly,amicably and legally. But it does take time.

Any threats of being sued should, again in my opinion, be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Most people agree that as we age our bodies change or we have an accident or develop a disease or whatever....making it more difficult to do things that we have done effortlessly in the past.
When that time comes we have a choice, carry on the best you can or give up. Maybe go and be a coach or something else within the sport.
We should not be asking for any dispensations.

Nobody knows what the solution is but hopefull 16th June will provide one?

At first look the evidence in the videos is damning.
Is it the fault of the shooter who has piles of evidence to say that he/she has such and such and the BFTA has allowed in its rules to accommodate him/her in our sport.

It's evidently NOT a fair and level playing field but until the rules change it's all we have.

Last point..........the bit that really p*sses me off is sitting for Silhouettes.
Should NEVER EVER happen!!

I am the SEFTA REP but these views and comments are my own
Barry McDonald

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