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Originally Posted by simona View Post
It's all a bit sad. I cannot believe that there is some chance of legal action being taken over the BFTA changing its rules, is this for real?
I have been told that one region has received emailed threats to do so, that mentioned the BFTA, the region concerned with that shooter, to holding even the club and thus the officers responsible. Not sure if it's related to this or not. I was told the person considered themselves be entitled to legal aid and threatened to take it to the ECHR.

I am not sure how viable that actually is. I would expect that anyone on some sort of disability allowance that appeared able bodied would risk an investigation if it appeared that person was able bodied enough to participate in an outdoor sporting event carrying a 15lb rifle. Perhaps this though is the problem at hand, appearances and legal status.

It happened at two clubs I'm a member of. During a change of officers at committee level, one officer found himself the subject of a DWP investigation. Then one of the officers who stepped down found himself on the receiving end of a DWP investigation. It was never proven or admitted that either had reported each other, it could have been pure coincidence, but it was widely asked how someone on disability allowance could participate in an active shooting sport, despite having a permanent medical discharge from a service. I'm not sure of the outcome, except I know one was not affected.
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