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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
I have on the other diabled thread posted my photo evidence that it does in my experience, my groups and thus hit rate was "how do you miss".

I tried it again yesterday and 45 yard standers were no problem. Its no where near a level playing field at present.
Standers are going to be easier... your body isn't exposed to the wind, and you naturally aren't going to be as unstable standing up as you are sitting.

Kneelers, i'm of the belief that if your kneeling is good, then it's as good as sitting. There's not much in it. If my rig is set up for kneeling, i'll group sub 10mm at 25yds edge to edge with confidence.
However the alternative position is problematic with steep downhill kneelers and easier on steep uphill kneelers. Those short in stature vs those tall will tip the balance either way though.

I know from working with Helen that gun setup for sitting, the alternative kneeling and standing is a pain in the neck (literally)... it really throws out standers because the deep fore-end, long reach and high scope makes it very difficult for standing... so if you're doing both then you'd gain an advantage from that as well.

It's not going to be an advantage for all. I don't think it would help my kneeling at all. Standing, yes.

Hence why can't vote.
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