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I feel i must just give my view on this as my dad is a disabled shooter he does not shoot FT or HFT as it would be impossible for him to do so would cause him way to much pain he cant even hold his gun for very long, but he does shoot against able people in the 20 yard indoor comp at our club on the isle of wight he shoots from a chair hes not very competitive and does this mainly for the soclie side of it.

I feel we must not forget that we can can include Any one who is able to get round a course in our sport, but must say after seeing the video i can see why people are taking a dim view of these positions for disabled shooters. as we all spend alot of time any money on what we do and if its not fair playing field why are we doing it?

I think that if you are disabled and there are many different reasons why you can be classed as that, but feel you can walk around a whole FT course and compete with every one else if on standers and kneelers you were given an extra minute and you could call a marshal or your partner to hold your gun in between focus and shooting to give a relief period to help with any discomfort you might have?

this is just my view and an idea for other people to think about but i dont think we should be giving out bad messages to disabled shooters who feel they have enough mobility yo walk around the course, but i also have the view of lets make this as fair as possible it does not make sense to me that a disabled shooter gains an advantage

DEBS your view on this needs to be commended and my hat goes of to you.
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