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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
so you thaught that Ian sitting gave him no advantage over other shooters in his class, ie me and you?
It's not the Chief Marshal's opinion that counts. The Chief Marshal's job is safety and adherence to the rules.

From the Annexe to Rule 10:
The BFTA is obvious to the fact that some shooters are not as able bodied as others, whether it
be through illness, disease, accident or some other reason, temporary or permanent
disablement can occur. With the previous sentence in mind the intention is to accommodate
disabled shooters by giving latitude within Rule 10. Thus enabling the disabled shooter to use
an adapted stance for the compulsory Kneeling and/or Standing targets. This latitude must not
give advantage nor disadvantage to the shooter, but enable the person to compete on
reasonably equal terms with the rest of the contestants.

The decision on latitude must rest with the competitor not the Chief Marshal who perhaps has no knowledge of the competitor.
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