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Default Progress

Wel ts been a busy few months.

Most of the main cutting back for the new lanes etc was done weeks ago.

Its just a case of going through the lanes now and just using a shears to cut back new groth to keep the lanes clear.

Tondu gp will be a good walk, not somthing someone one of my unfit being would normall look to do but to me its essential to get new lanes in and sweep the course through 360 of fire, thus getting as many "Bertys" (angles) between lanes as I can and hopefully make it a thinking shooters Gp.

Calp'es post about virgin lanes has got me thinking more and more over the weeks and as such some of the earlier lane / target postions are have changed. More in my head than anywhere else as the final octations of targets will not be decided until the Friday before the shoot. Targets are going out then, but will be adjusted where i think they need to be and braught in / closer if the frecast given on the Saturday afternoon is for high winds sunday.

As most lanes are exposed there is no reason to have allot of long targets in the Tondu Wind. missing a 35 yarders on our top section in the wind is very easy!

There will however be as many new lanes as i can manage for the Gp. I dont usually do that well at my own shoots as i am more concerned with how the course is working, but if i did i would not want anyone saying it was because i knew the lanes. i did not know them at gp 1 or 2!

The course is essentailly in sections.

Section 1 is 5 lanes in the top bowl. The "Bowl of Bewilderment"

so far comprises 4 sitters and one sheltered kneeler. Have had a "test" session on a couple of the lanes so i can gage how strong the wind is and thus differculty of shot for C class and AA class as we have not shot from these lane positions prior. Now thats done I think i have enough answers so targets are away from where i think they will go. Good section, open bowl with some elevated shots the banks

Section 2 - the Drowning Ponds!

We have shot these prior in gps and at our last shoot in the winter, where the lanes destroyed all. If the wind is up this is where the Gp will likley to be won or lost.

only 3 lanes, thats so i cant drop more than 6 along here lol. No, its a bugger with the strings and as said it is very easy to kiss every target, I have done it several times over the variuos shoots we have put on over the top ponds.. Trying for some nagles between the lanes while avoiding cross strings,25ml "Snappy" will be in the wather, if the level is right?l

Throw me a line

A is snappy location, if the water level drops. B is a nice angled shot across the pond. does not have to be that far to catch some wicked Wind! Leupold is helping dig a flat shooting position out lol

Section 3 - Banks of dome.

Part of our normal practise range but as said, firing line will be moved and differrent targets on the whole to what is normally used.
Couple of high bank shots that will have the oppertunity to take misses mixed in with angles and the odd "gimmie" Banks can be hit or miss dependant on wind strength, same as gp2 Banks of Dome which i thaught were average tondu conditions and Fine! Banks finish with (perhaps) a stander as it should be out of wind and nice flat shooting position for feet vbefore a last lane that turns 90 degrees.
Along the top ponds and banks we will install pallets as wind breaks over the coming months, both sides of the fireing line!

Section 4 - woods

well small trees really. we dont have proper woods.

Section will start with our "pipe" lane but possibly as a disapline lane?
Sillys will slot inbetween lanes and then we have another 3 lanes at edge of trees and through the trees, chrono is in the middle of the woods section so handy when you book in for checking your gun prior to starting. Woods section finishes in "Italy" with a short but steep downward angled lane of mini kills.

Sectio 5 - bottonm ponds.

three lanes along the back of the ponds firing outto areas / angles that i dont hink have ever been used? Nice angle lane across the back of the woods,

This one

cuts through a sheltered section into open wind tunnel?

the darl lane was going to be a 15 ml @ A and either a reducer or full in general direction of B

I am now however thinking a nice long one deep into the undergrowth needs to be cut through @ C.
Shall give Berty a saw and point him off in that direction lol?

Section finishes with either a kneeler or more likley a stander.

Platform is superb for standing, nice and flat and very sterdy, even with me on it. "A" Shot is long across the pond and then as per daft Bfta rules a gimmie short stander at "B".

Depending on the wind, it will be either one of the hardest courses this year or not, but thats not because it will be boringly all long shots.
If the winds plays its part, most of the full kills in the 30 -40 or 40 -50 will take misses off the best.

also now looking at only 3 - 5 x 25 reducers unless the wind is light.
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